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Super typhoon Noru a potential threat to Philippines catastrophe bond

In the space of just 24 hours, typhoon Noru has explosively intensified into super typhoon Noru as it approaches the Philippines and now packing sustained winds of more than 150 mph the storm is a potential threat to the countries World Bank facilitated catastrophe bond.

Meteorologists have been surprised by super typhoon Noru, which is locally known as typhoon Karding in the Philippines, as the storm has rapidly intensified, with its sustained winds increasing almost 100 mph in just 24 hours, while its minimum central pressure plummeted by 76 hPa, from 995 to roughly 919 hPa.

The JTWC currently has super typhoon Noru (Karding) with sustained winds of over 150 mph, some agencies have it at 160 mph, as it approaches Luzon in the Philippines.


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