Suitable for conventional and alternative (re)insurance practitioners.

Capital Markets

Suitable for asset managers investing in, or looking to invest in, ILS.

Public Officials

Suitable for public officials looking to transfer sovereign risk more efficiently.

Make More Informed Decisions With The Knowledge Of Insurance-Linked Securities

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Whether you are new to ILS or you are an experienced industry practitioner, this course will teach you the fundamentals of Insurance-Linked Securities. The course covers the foundations of ILS, their pricing, and application in real life.

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The gap between economic and insured losses is wide

The protection gap, the difference between economic and insured losses, is a damning reflection on both the (re)insurance market and those responsible for managing risk.

$ 0 bn

Economic losses from natural disasters in 2021

$ 0 bn

Were insured with a disproportionate share coming from developed markets.

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A 62% Protection Gap – rising to 95% in developing countries

Professional development

The course

Our course is 100% online. When you sign up, you will have access to the Moodle LMS portal,

allowing you to learn at your own pace, wherever you are in the world.


7 weeks

Insurance-Linked Securities post-graduate programme will equip you with the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to work within the ever-evolving world of Alternative Risk Transfer (ART).

You will undertake a programme that takes a theoretical and practical approach to Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS), looking at what they are, how they are used, and the role they play in narrowing the gap between economic and insured losses.

Moreover, you will learn how this uncorrelated asset class offers diversification and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) benefits to institutional investors. A particular focus will be placed on how ILS are used to transfer risk related to natural disasters and climate-related weather events along the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

LONDON - MAY, 2017: Lloyds of London building
FOR the


  • First ever (and so far the only) global executive education and qualification program on the basics of Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) 
  • Next group starts: 16th January 2023
  • Duration: 7 weeks, 100% online
  • Commitment: 6-8 hours per week
  • Fee: GBP 1,920 (+20% VAT for UK only) discounted to GBP 960 for developing countries
  • Inform you on how to use ILS in theory and practice
  • Develop a better understanding of when and why ILS are more suitable than traditional methods of risk transfer
  • Critically evaluate investment projects and opportunities relating to ILS
  • Speak the international language of ILS
  • Why Risk Transfer is so Important

  • Introduction to Insurance-Linked Securities

  • ILS Peak perils presentation; Catastrophe Bonds; Case study;

  • Legal issues in ILS (Guest speaker)

  • Reading a Reinsurance Tower; Basis Risk between Trigger Types; Bond Spreads; Bond Pricing Fundamentals;

  • Industry Loss and Industry Loss Warranties (ILW)

  • How ILS are used today: Marketplace overview; ILS in investor portfolio (Guest speaker)

  • ILS Fund Managers’ Perspective (Guest speaker)

  • Pricing: Bottom-up perspective; Top-down perspective; Relative Value (RV); Live demo of ILS Pricing Model

  • ILS for (re)insurers: Traditional credit risk; Credit risk for (re)insurers; Collateralization; Diversified source of capital; Accessing new territories; Reinsurance tower;

  • Sovereign Disaster Risk Management: Insurance penetration data; CCRIF; The Pacific Alliance; 
    Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF); Africa Risk Capacity (ARC); Guest speaker;

  • Parametric Cat Bonds for ECIS. ILS case as BRI transit infrastructure protection (Guest speaker)

  • ILS & ESG

  • Qualifying Exam, comprising 50 multiple choice questions to be answered within 3 hours time.

  • Kirill Savrassov, Cert ILS & Toby Pughe, FCII – founders & co-lecturers
  • Industry leading experts as guest speakers from both the private and public sector at the end of each module.
    To learn more go to Faculty Page

This course is entirely online.

Modules are released weekly and can be undertaken in your own time, wherever you are in the world. This interactive course has been designed for busy professionals and students alike.

When enrolled, you will have access to the Moodle learning portal, and you’ll be able to work at your own pace, whenever and wherever you like.

In addition to participating in several formal accreditation programs, our course generally meet the requirements for professional education training credits (PD, CPD, CPE) from institutes around the world.

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive a formal academic Certificate of professional qualification upgrade as proof of your knowledge of the subject and a «Cert ILS» (Certified ILS Specialist) designation to underline your ILS knowledge commitments.

Also, if required, students will receive 3 academic course credit towards their European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) points.

The ECTS system is modelled on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) which was initially introduced to facilitate the transfer of students between higher education institutions in different European states. Other credit systems are designed to facilitate accumulation and transfer within institutions

ECTS makes teaching and learning more transferable and transparent and facilitates the recognition of all studies. The system allows for the transfer of learning experiences between different institutions and greater student mobility. It also aids curriculum design and quality assurance.

ECTS credits express the volume of learning based on defined learning outcomes and their associated workload and are expressed in full numbers. Typically 1 ECTS credit would equate with around 20 to 25 hours of student effort. One academic year of undergraduate study and associated workload equates to approximately 60 ECTS credits, while a year long postgraduate year of study would be approximately 90 ECTS credits.

The ECTS system is used in many European countries as it facilitates the planning, delivery and evaluation of study programmes and student mobility by recognising learning achievements, qualifications and periods of learning.

ECTs points are therefore ideal for continuous professional development (CPD) as many professionals prefer to study modules or units of study at various stages of their career.

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Formal ACADEMIC diploma AND "Certified ILS Specialist"
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Winter 2023 cohort to start in mid January 2023
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Industry Cases

Recent Parametric Payouts

2022 Hurricane season in Caribbean
CCRIF made $15.2m in parametric payouts through 2022 hurricane season
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Tonga 2022
The Pacific Island nation of Tonga will receive a US $8 million payout disbursement from a World Bank arranged catastrophe contingent line of credit, under a Catastrophe-Deferred Drawdown Option, or CAT-DDO.
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Phillipines 2021
The government of the Philippines has drawn $80 million to help in the recovery from super typhoon Rai (Odette) from the World Bank supported catastrophe contingent line-of-credit it has in place through a Catastrophe-Deferred Drawdown Option arrangement, dubbed the CAT-DDO 4.
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Cat bonds one of the most prominent innovations in sustainable finance
in the last 15 years

International Monetary Fund: An Overview of the Green and Catastrophe Bond Markets, 7th July 2022

I have recently been calling for more and better catastrophe-triggered instruments, easier access to flexible finance and increased support for regional adaptation and financing

António Guterres, UN Secretary General @ IDF Summit 2021

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