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California earthquake to cause $600m of economic loss in Humboldt County: RMSI

According to global GIS and geospatial technology company, RMSI, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that jolted the northern coast of California near Ferndale on 20 December is set to cause $600 million of economic loss in Humboldt County.

RMSI states that the earthquake occurred in the vicinity of the Mendocino triple junction, where the Pacific, North America, and Juan de Fuca/Gorda plates meet.

It adds that while earthquakes are common in California, M 6.4 are less so, and harness the potential to be dangerous.

So far, over a dozen people have been left injured, with 2 dead. The earthquake has left behind crumbling homes, roads, rupturing utility lines, and bridges with cracks, and has left thousands of residents without running water and electricity.


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