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144A catastrophe bond issuance will set new H1 record, already tracking to $11.4bn+

The market for 144A catastrophe bonds is on-track to set a stunning new issuance record for the first-half of the year, with more than $11.4 billion of new cat bonds already lined up to be issued during H1 2024, data from Artemis’ Deal Directory shows.

As of today, there are almost $9.3 billion of Rule 144A catastrophe bonds that have been issued and settled in 2024 so far, with a further $145 million set to join that total later today with the settlement of the NCJUA’s new Longleaf Pine Re cat bond.

That’s already getting very close to the prior year, when first-half 2023 set new records for cat bond market issuance.

But, with still billions more in new cat bonds being marketed or waiting to settle, this figure is set to rise much further.


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